Eyes Wide




Video & Audio Editing

Mixing & Mastering

use for auditions, reels, etc.

Software used: Adobe Premiere Pro & Audition


"I highly recommend working with Samantha if you need editing services for your reel. She was quick, helpful and communicative. She had a great editing eye that made clips work well together."

- Caitlin DIana Doyle

"I was so glad (and lucky) to find Samantha, who has assisted me in editing my video and audio recordings to make them both submittable and successful. Samantha has the correct software to produce the high quality results you desire... Samantha is efficient, thorough, communicable and knowledgeable on various recording applications and recording devices. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for advice and/or assistance."

-Elizabeth Sarian


In the consultation we discuss your overall vision. What are your expectations/look you are going for? What equipment are you using to record (if you haven't already done your recording)? 

We'll also discuss timeline. Timelines vary.


I create a shared Excel Sheet where updates are given and/or questions asked.

I work on a rough draft and share the draft with you. We continue this process until you are happy with the end product!


I charge $60/hr of video and audio editing.

I do not charge you for the time it takes to encode the material discussed.

Charges are processed through Venmo or PayPal.