I LOVE. TO. SING.  And I want to share that love with you!

My name is Samantha Noonan and the goals of my music studio are to teach young singers healthy

vocal techniques across various music genres as well as provide one-on-one coachings to help performers

do their best in performance and audition settings. 


What to expect
My students can expect to stretch their vocal abilities in a fun and approachable atmosphere. It is my firm

belief that good, healthy techniques benefit from ALL forms of singing whether it be classical (opera, art

song, etc.), musical theatre, pop, folk or somewhere in between. 

If you are looking for in-depth help with regard to interpretation, theatrics and performances, I also offer

vocal coachings that are incredibly worthwhile. In coachings, I focus less on technique and more on the

delivery of songs, works, characters and more.

What’s next?
If you’re interested in honing your vocal technique and growing

as a fully-rounded performer, please contact

me via email or phone. 

Current rates

Voice Lesson (30 min) $30

Voice Lesson (60 min) $50


Coaching (30 min) $30

Coaching (60 min) $50



Phone Number: 402-570-0643

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